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Altovise Andrews was born in Thomasville, a small town in South Georgia, just outside of Tallahassee, Florida, where she discovered her talent as a singer growing up In a local Baptist church.


At the tender age of eight years old, Altovise was given the opportunity to voice her God-given talent. She learned to be independent and to believe in herself and whatever she wanted to accomplish out of life. She was the recipient of several talent awards, pageant awards, and music scholarships for her singing abilities.

Altovise was then introduced during her college years to a local jazz band where she performed and was honored to travel South East Asia, Indonesia for 6 months. This exposure not only taught her to lean and depend on GOD, but also the meaning of appreciating life and to always love people for who they are and not for what they have.

After her return she moved to Atlanta, Georgia where she began professionally recording vocals for local artists and performed at renowned theaters and special events. She now has her own record label “Lotus Melodies” as an independent artist. Altovise released her first single “Don’t Ever Wonder” in November 2018, with her new album release coming in 2020. 

Altovise loves her family time when she’s not performing.  She has a great passion for all music genres, appreciates life, accepts others unconditionally, loves giving back to her community and is always willing to be an inspiration to those around her.

"Altovise takes you back in time with a sultry and soulful sound similar to Anita Baker"

                                                                                                                         - Fan

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